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Clients overcome immediate challenges and achieve excellence with our support. We provide solution to Airports, Airlines, Ground Handlers, Tourism bodies.

Problems worth solving

How to attract low-cost carriers?

Business development with existing partners

Multivarious cost/discount structures

Inefficient Ground Handling or Airport processes

Tough tendering, negotiations

Complex frameworks


Excellent personal network within the aviation industry.

Deep understanding in practice of low-cost business model (disciplined cost reduction is more essential than ever)

Cost analysis and process mapping
Route/business development
Network analysis

Aviation consulting structure

Our fields of expertise​​​.

  • Price competition analysis
  • Efficiency analysis (cost saving initiatives)
  • Tendering, negotiations support
  • Revenue improvement (sales, bag checking)
  • Organizational consulting (flat strucutre, more efficiency, lower cost)
  • How to attract low-cost carrier?
  • Route development
  • Network and cost analysis
  • Infrastructural analysis (improve the efficiency)
  • New investition´s infrastructural analysis to attract certain airlines
  • Competitor analysis
  • Right understanding of the charges, incentive structures
  • Achieve better financial circumstances with our support
  • Outsourced activities to us: support collection, negotiation
  • Regulatory: administrative task for route permits
  • Marketing incentive attractivity
  • State-aid analysis by our legal partners
  • Competition law analysis by our legal partners
  • Automatization, like Self-bag dropp and self service business development by our IT partners


Our advantage vs. competitors.

Small, flexible team and flat organization 

Low operating cost on the highest standard

Practical knowledge of the business from the perspective of airport, airline and ground handler

Our team

Individual excellence and collective competence.

Sven Stute

Managing Director

More than 15 years of aviation experience. National and international specialist in aviation marketing and development. Support and consulting for well-known customers from the airport and airline industry. stute(at)

Tibor Meszaros

Chief Commercial Officer

Dedicated professional with 10+ years of experience in Management, Leadership, Business Development, and Strategic Planning, working for world renowned companies.
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MILAN Meszaros

Commercial Director

Enthusiastic business developer commited to drive value to our clients. 10+ Years of experience in management, strategic planning, aviation and people management.

Mariusz Jachimek

Commercial Director

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